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As Chartered Surveyors, we are experts and can provide professional advice in the appraising properties for a variety of clients.  Whether you require this for sale, letting, matrimonials, disputes or simply want an opinion of value for your property then we can offer an online valuation to suit such purpose.

We are able to assist with this process and can offer this service in 2 levels:-

Level 1 – A desktop opinion based on research and using information supplied by you on the building, we can provide a range of realisations, subject to basic caveats on access, title etc which will be signed by a RICS Surveyor.  Cost is £100.00 plus VAT

Level 2 – A detailed desktop opinion which will incorporate a number of additional information together with listed comparables, title documentation (where possible).  Cost is £150.00 plus VAT

Please email Andrea Shackleton at andrea@davidcurrie.co.uk to discuss your requirements.